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Field Audio


Gear List

-Zoom F8N 8 Channel Field Mixer/Recorder in K-Tek Stingray Jr. Bag

-Sennheiser MKH 416 P48 Shotgun Microphone

-WIRELESS: 4 Channels of Deity Theos UHF Digital Wireless, 1 Channel of Sennheiser G3 Wireless, 3 Channels of Lectrosonic UCR190 Wireless.


-Timecode (Deity TC-1 boxes)

-Zoom FRC-8 Control Surface

-Shure Wired Lavalier kit.

-Walkie Talkies

-Wireless Boom Kit w/ In-line Sennheiser 48V Phantom Power Supply

-ENG style handheld microphone w/ Lectrosonic plug on transmitter

(If discussed in advance, can secure additional gear such as IFBs/Comteks, additional wireless channels, microphones, etc.)

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